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Mia Paige Photography LLC is delighted to introduce its mentorship initiative, specially designed for aspiring photographers. Juggling the roles of a wife, mother to three kids and pets, daughter, sister, friend, participant in her daughter's school PTA, and a small business owner (to name just a few), Mia Paige is eager to assist fellow photographers in transitioning their passion into a business that supports their families.

The mentorship programs will cover essential topics such as Camera Basics/Settings, Editing Queue Tracking/Process, Lightroom Basics, and Headshot photography. Read more about branding opportunities here: Branding/Headshots.

In the Jump Start Program, participants will have the opportunity to shadow a session and collaborate on editing 3-5 images while engaging in a discussion about the session.

For those opting for the All-In Program, they will have the chance to photograph a session with Mia Paige's guidance, follow her personal editing workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop, delve into client onboarding and marketing strategies on social media, receive tips on social media management, and explore the delicate balance between work and personal life. Additionally, participants will engage in collaborative editing sessions, providing an open forum for questions and discussion.

And more recently, Mia Paige Photography, LLC is offering Beach Mentorships! The beach is my favorite location to shoot at and creates magical sessions with families.